Vire 7 Marine Engine Parts

Vire 7 Parts For Sale

Core [freeze] plug set (3)-New

Water Temperature Gauge-New

Exhaust Temperature Gauge-New

Delco Starter/Generator-New 

Delco Starter/Generator-Exchange Rebuilt 

Delco Starter/Generator Regulator-New

Bosch Starter/Generator-Exchange Rebuilt 

Bosch Starter/Generator Regulator-Used


Starter Solenoid-New

Engine Vibration Mounts-New

Flywheel Magneto-Light power 6V-New


Ignition Coil-New

Ignition Condenser-New

Ignition Spark Plug Normal Load-New

Ignition Spark Plug Heavy Load-New

Ignition Magneto Plate-Used

Ignition Magneto Contacts/Points-New

Tillotson Carburetor Repair Kits-New

Tillotson Carburetor-New

Tillotson Carburetor-Exchange Rebuilt 

Tillotson Carburetor Tuning Guide-New

Tillotson Carburetor Service Manual-New

Fuel Filter, Inline-New

Choke control cable-New

Pull Start Rope-New

Flywheel Puller-New

Flywheel Shaft Key-New

Engine Kill Switch-New

Engine Ignition Key Switch-New

Ignition Diagnostic & Service Manual-New

The Vire 7

Marine Engine

Delco-Remy Starter/Generator


Exchange Rebuilt

Voltage Regulators

Tillotson Carburetor


Exchange Rebuilt



Repair Kits

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